Conference on Photonics for Advanced Spectroscopy and Sensing

The Event

C-PASS is the first edition of the international conference series on Photonics for Advanced Spectroscopy and Sensing, held on September 2023 in Castellaneta Marina, Italy. It aims to bring together researchers from both industrial and academic research laboratories to stimulate new research initiatives in the fields of integrated photonics, lasers, optical spectroscopy and sensing in the near- and mid-infrared spectral regions.

C-PASS will provide overview lectures by keynotes and invited talks given by leading experts in the field, emphasizing integrative and multi-disciplinary approaches. Talks and posters will be presented by researchers and industrial partners active in several application fields not limited to environmental and bio-medical applications, agri-food analysis and industrial process monitoring and control. Both fundamental and applied research contributions are welcome.

The exhibition booths of our industrial partners and sponsors will highlight the innovation happening in industry and the recent progress of commercial systems.

Young researchers will have the opportunity to intensively interact with international teams of experts in the above research fields, and to present and discuss their study and research interests in the wonderful atmosphere of the Valentino Village in Apulia region, by attending sessions, exhibitions and social events.

C-PASS, chaired by Marco Grande, William Whelan-Curtin (Liam O’Faolain) and Vincenzo Spagnolo, will be held 100% in-person, and it is co-founded by the European double doctorate programme on Optical Sensing Using Advanced Photo-Induced Effects (OPTAPHI) under auspices of the Polytechnic University of Bari and the University of Bari.

On behalf of the organizers and the Chairmen of the Scientific Organizing Committee of CPASS

Prof. Marco Grande
Dr. William Whelan-Curtin (Liam O’Faolain)
Prof. Vincenzo Spagnolo

Event Address

Valentino Village
ss 106 km 466.600,
74010 Castellaneta Marina (TA), Italy


3 - 8 September 2023